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Starfish Property Investments 致力幫助香港及內地客戶了解英國樓市以及如何為您的投資物業或家庭住所做出正確的選擇。 我們擁有專業的合作夥伴和龐大的網絡,為您提供最佳法律、稅務和會計建議,以確保購買過程順利、安全和合符經濟效益。  總之,有我們一站式服務,幫您攪掂晒,唔駛煩!



步驟 1:  為了了解您個人需求, 以確定合適物業,我們會給您一份詳細問卷填寫

步驟 2:  我們將在12週內根據您的條件搜索及篩選心儀住屋

步驟 3:  我們跟您一起評估商討選擇是否適合

步驟 4:  我們向賣家或其代理查詢詳情和提交議案

步驟 5:  我們跟賣家或其代理議價

步驟 6:  我們將轉介操廣東話的貸款經紀,律師及會計師 (如需要)

步驟 7:  我們幫您計算購買物業成本、包括律師費和印花稅

步驟 8:  我們檢閱所有文件細則、交換法律合同以完成交易

Starfish Property Investments Limited的上述服務收費固定,請聯繫我們了解詳情。 在提供服務前,我們先報價。收費透明,簡單易明,沒有任何隱藏收費。

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E&OE: Starfish Property Investments Limited 提供的是購買物業搜索服務,不是房地產租務管理。 我們將根據上述條款向客戶介紹合適房屋及有關服務。個人資料絕對保密。英國信息專員辦公室(ICO)註冊號: ZA632126。




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UK Property Purchase Search

Bespoke One-Stop Service

Starfish Property Investments specialise in helping Hong Kong Chinese clients understand the UK property market and how to make the right choice for your investment property or family residence.


We also have a network of professional partners to provide the best legal, tax and accounting advice to ensure your purchase is smooth, secure and profitable.  We will guide you at every step.



Bespoke One-Stop Service Steps


Step 1: You will complete a detailed questionnaire so we can understand your property requirements

Step 2: We will source and select suitable properties based on your criteria over a 12 week period

Step 3: We will present the properties to you for evaluation and assessment

Step 4: We will make enquiries to the seller/seller’s agent on your behalf

Step 5: We will negotiate the purchase price of your chosen property

Step 6: We will refer you to our Cantonese speaking mortgage brokers, solicitors and accountants (if required)

Step 7: We will calculate all purchase costs including legal fees and stamp duty.

Step 8: Final review, legal exchange and completion

Starfish Property Investments Limited charge a fixed fee for the service outlined above.  Please contact us for details.  We will provide a quotation before instruction and there will be no hidden charges other than the price quoted.

E.Purchase Property Search Steps.jpeg

E&OE: Starfish Property Investments Limited provide a purchase property search service.  We are not letting agents and we do not manage rental properties.  We will introduce Clients to suitable properties based on their criteria offered by sellers/seller’s agent according to the terms and conditions set out above.  Personal information will be treated in strictest confidence.  ICO Registration Number: ZA632126.

UK Property Purchase Search

Mix & Match Plan

In order to more closely meet the needs of different clients and in addition to the One-Stop Property Purchase we offer, we have now launched the Flexible Mix 'n' Match Plan from April 2021. For more details and the latest prices, please contact us for details.

Property Purchase Mix & Match Service Schedule