UK Mortgage Referral



Starfish Property Investments 合作的按揭貸款中介,在英國有監管,是專門為香港及中國大陸客戶服務而設的。





  • 開設英國銀行帳戶。通常是貸方要求的,這樣您便可以在英國開始建立信用記錄,按揭經紀人也需要該帳戶來提交原則上的協議 (評估您有多適合申請按揭)。

  • 與按揭經紀討論您的按揭選擇,以便您清楚地了解可以借貸的內容和條件。



  • 身份證明(護照證明副本)

  • 地址證明(銀行對帳單或公用事業賬單的證明副本)

  • 收入證明文件(無收入證明另有選擇)

  • 信用記錄報告

  • 存款證明





  1. 您在香港 或 英國 擁有任何物業嗎?

  2. 您是否擁有完整的英國銀行帳戶,如匯豐銀行帳戶,而不是虛擬帳戶或TransferWise帳戶?

  3. 英國物業售價? (請以英鎊為單位清楚地列明數字)

  4. 你在香港有收入嗎?是年薪25,000英鎊或以上?

  5. 自住 或 投資?


再次【珍心呼籲】預早 【申請英國按揭】

【港人申請英國按揭能否成功?】Can Hong Kong Buyers Get UK Mortgages?

Mortgage low res

UK Mortgages

for Hong Kong Buyers

Starfish Property Investments' UK regulated mortgage brokers specialise in assisting non-resident Hong Kong and mainland Chinese clients.​


Offering a tailored, bespoke service they match applicants to lenders to help ensure a successful application and are able to offer preferential rates not available directly from lenders.

Lending up to 80% is available with rates starting as low as 1.89%, subject to status. 

Before looking seriously for a property, we recommend that you attend to the following:


  • Open a UK bank account, this is usually required by lenders so that you have a ‘credit footprint’ in the UK and will be needed by the mortgage broker to submit an Agreement in Principle

  • Discuss your mortgage options with our broker so that you understand clearly what you can borrow and on what terms.

Application Documents:


  • Proof of ID (certified copy of passport)

  • Proof of Address (certified copy of bank statement or utility bill)

  • Proof of Income documents (no proof of income options available)

  • Credit History Report

  • Proof of Deposit

Applicants do not need to travel to the UK to apply and a broker fee is only charged on success.



To assist us in helping you as efficiently as possible, please submit the following information with your enquiry:


  1. Do you own any property in HK or in the UK?

  2. Do you have a full UK bank account i.e. HSBC, NOT virtual or TransferWise account?

  3. Property Purchase Price? (please state the number in GBP clearly)

  4. Do you have income in HK?  Is it GBP25,000 p.a. or above?

  5. Self-use or buy-to-let?

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