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Client & Partner Testimonials


Starfish Property Investments are very professional property agents and very knowledgable about the real estate market in the UK and other countries.


They are attentive to clients' needs and I am very pleased with the professional services rendered so far.


Hong Kong

I can tell you that I am bombarded by 15 - 20 emails a week from your competitors as I am sure are many other investors.


But, you are the ONLY one that seems to follow up on enquiries in due time and provide the investor with most of the information we need to make a smart BUY. I commend you for that.


Bangkok, Thailand

Tim has been amazing, making the experience of purchasing a Florida property and an off-plan property in the Dominican Republic so much easier than it could have otherwise been.


Above all Tim is passionate about what he does, going out of his way to make sure that everything is taken care of, whilst never pushing you into things that you don't want to do. 


Our capital is now giving a significantly better return than it was in the bank and the medium term prospects are better still.


W Midlands, UK

Tim has a good network of associates in the real estate industry and coupled with his resourcefulness, he will be able to facilitate your investment in growing markets. Tim is also helpful, trustworthy and gives sound advice to his clients.



Like a lot of people, we had spare cash in the bank earning no interest. After months of research and talking to agents only interested in ‘selling’ to us, things changed when we found Starfish Property Investments. Tim took the time to talk to us in great detail about what we were trying to achieve, both on the telephone and face to face before making any recommendations.


We have since invested in Florida which is earning us a nice income and we are receiving 10% interest on our investment deposit in the Caribbean.


For people with no previous property investment experience, Tim made the whole process very easy for us.


S Yorks, UK


I've been working with Tim closely on various property matters.  He is knowledgeable, professional and pragmatic and always displays the highest levels of expertise and integrity.


His long experience in the UK property market makes him particularly effective in delivering solutions on complex large scale real estate problems in addition to negotiating some excellent deals.


Yali Greeno, Head of China Desk

Oracle Capital Group, London, UK

In order to succeed in overseas property investment, a trustworthy local partner is required.  Tim is a reliable UK sourcing agent and property consultant with an extensive network of professionals who provide tax and projects advisory services.


Neo Cheung, Director

Propcap Technologies Limited, Hong Kong

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Tim during the past 4 years on a number of residential and commercial projects.


We have had great success with our Manchester developments via Tim’s established sales network in Hong Kong and China.


Tim has a very professional, ethical approach to business and a meticulous eye for detail and I look forward to working with him in the future.


Phil Page, Sales & Network Manager

Assetz Property, Manchester, UK

We started with Tim and the Starfish team about a year ago now.  During this time they have essentially been Silver Point’s international marketing arm and have been instrumental in the company’s success selling condos to purchasers across the Globe. What’s particularly rare about their achievements is that they earn them the “old way” knowing their customers, by designing the right product to sell them and by building lasting relationships that make a difference.  I’ve found that Tim is not only an expert at his trade but he’s also a great person and there’s no doubt in my mind that this combination is what makes Starfish the success it is today.


Roger Collins, Director/Owner
Silver Point Villa Hotel Inc, BARBADOS

Tim is by far the best international agent I have worked with. He is more involved than any other agent and always handles follow up questions timely, most agents walk away after they are paid. Tim stays committed to the end. He is my favorite international agent and I deal with plenty. 


Lyle Lovett, Title Agent

Southern Title And Abstract Inc, Orlando, USA