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【我們分飾幾角】Who We Are & What We Do


關於英國樓、移民投資的話題,在媒體上有著林林總總的個體或團體,有時客戶會誤會我們是放租中介 或 類似香港舖頭地產代理,現在跟各位解釋。


📌 代表買家搵樓,我們是採購經紀 (Sourcing Agent)。像您的私人助理,跟據個人條件,專為獨立客戶搵樓 -【英國置業 · 一條龍/自由組合服務】

📌 代表租戶,搵樓租 -【搵樓長租 · 一條龍服務】

📌 代表借貸人,搵按揭經紀 -【英國按揭 ·港人適用】

📌 律師、會計稅務轉介服務

📌 代表房東,處理物業放租和管理事宜,過程中我們需要經常跟英國本地放租中介(Letting Agent)溝通 -【英國物業租務管理 ·一條龍服務】

📌 代表個人和發展商(即賣方)賣樓,轉賣物業,同時我們有一定的現金買家正等待筍盤,準備購買 -【二手樓轉售服務】+【筍盤熱報】

📌 代表移英港人,快捷辦妥學校、燈油火蠟等登記事宜 -【助您安心定居服務】

📌 代表以上所有角色,助您了解英國市場各個方面的複雜性,助您確定和達成目標 -【免費諮詢】



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Email: Contact@StarfishPropertyInvestments.com

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In case you were wondering, we are a specialist UK Property Investment and Sourcing Agent. Our core business is helping Chinese investors understand and access the UK property market. Whether buying for investment or self use, we are here to help!

We work closely with our strategic partners who include developers, estate agents, letting agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, accountants and tax advisors, many of whom are Chinese speaking.

We act as property consultants to our Clients and offer the following services:

  • UK-wide property investment

  • UK-wide Property Purchase Search (investment & self use)

  • UK-wide Property Rental Search

  • Non-Resident Mortgage Referrals (Cantonese speaking)

  • Solicitor Referrals (Cantonese speaking)

  • Accountants & Tax Advisor Referrals

We represent both sellers and buyers marketing and selling on behalf of individuals and developers and have cash buyers able to act immediately

Contact us with your requirements and start planning for your future TODAY!

Business enquiries are also welcome.

WhatsApp: +44 7534 744 004

Email: Contact@StarfishPropertyInvestments.com


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London Zone 2 Maida Vale W9 | London Zone 2 Battersea SW11 |

London Zone 3 Golders Green NW11

Manchester Salford Completed | Manchester NOMA | Manchester Salford Riverside

Birmingham | Kent

Portsmouth | Scotland: 快將推出 密切留意


Sheffield | Bradford

📍【筍盤市場】- 獨家盤、暗盤、低於市場價值和非市場上可見的英國物業


【英國置業】一條龍 |【搵樓長租】一條龍 |【英國按揭】港人適用

【英國物業管理服務】一條龍 - 代表您處理物業放租事宜


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【我們分飾幾角】Who We Are & What We Do

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