• Tim Earle

‘Unprecedented’ demand from homebuyers could dry up UK housing stock 買家史無前例的需求有機令英國房屋庫存枯竭

Legal & General Mortgage Club has raised concerns about the widening gap between supply and demand after the lockdown period.

One in four people (25%) plan to buy a home in 2020, with a further 28% saying they are considering a property purchase this year. However only 4% of homeowners are looking to sell this year.

The government’s stamp duty holiday has given people a short-term encouragement to buy. Kevin Roberts, director, Legal & General Mortgage Club, said: “Given the wide-ranging impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, the high levels of activity we are seeing in the mortgage market are a sign that the sector remains resilient and has the potential to keep the market buoyant into 2021. Yet, despite the numbers of consumers ready to buy, our research shows that thousands of homeowners are still reluctant to sell in 2020. This mismatch between buyers and sellers has the potential to dry up UK housing stock, making it harder for homebuyers to find a new place to call home.”

Some of the biggest mismatches in supply and demand were seen in London and the South East.

In the capital, 69% planned to buy property in 2020, but just 12% of current homeowners said they would consider selling and 4% definitely planned to sell this year.

Source: Propertywire

Legal & General Mortgage Club 對英國房屋供不應求表示擔憂。


英國政府的印花稅假期鼓勵了大眾在短期置業。Legal & General Mortgage Club主任Kevin Roberts說:「鑑於疫情對經濟影響很廣泛,這旺盛的抵押市場上仍將保持彈性,並有潛力在2021年之前保持活躍。儘管有大量準買家,但我們的研究表明,到2020年仍有數千名房東不願出售。買賣雙方之間的這種差距可能會耗盡英國的住房存量,使買家更難找到新的物業為家。」





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