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【港人申請英國按揭能否成功?】Can Hong Kong Buyers Get UK Mortgages?


一向以來,英國的主流和專業貸款機構都有為非本地居民提供按揭貸款。但是,利率和條款的差異可以很大,這取決於申請人的財務狀況。申請人愈能提供財政資料(包括收入),愈大機會享有更好的利率和條件。有時在個別情況下,對沒有收入證明的人, 中介會接觸某些放貸公司,它們可能會考慮。所以,使用經驗豐富的按揭中介是十分重要。



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If you are a Hong Kong buyer considering buying UK property but are wondering if non-residents can qualify for a mortgage, the answer is YES!

Mortgages for non-residents have long been available in the UK from a range of mainstream and specialist lenders. However rates and terms vary widely depending on the lender and the applicant’s status. The more information an applicant is able to provide (including income), the better rates and terms they will be able to obtain. However specialist brokers will often also have access to lenders who will consider those without proof of income, subject to terms and conditions.

This is where the importance of using a highly experienced mortgage broker is vitally important.

A specialist mortgage broker will understand the criteria of each lender and will match their clients to them accordingly. Having conducted a detailed appraisal of their client’s financial position, they will ensure the client’s application is presented in the correct way to the lender. This is very important in accessing the best rates and terms for the applicant and to help ensure a successful application.

Whilst the mortgage broker will typically charge a fee for their service, this fee should only be payable on the successful offer of a mortgage. In addition, specialist mortgage brokers are often able to offer preferential rates not always available directly from the lender. This can save thousands of pounds in interest over the course of the initial term of the mortgage, meaning the broker fee often pays for itself. When it comes to the application, all procedures and documentation can be completed without the need to travel to the UK.